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Hi! I'm Daniel Agg, a Full Stack Developer from the EU with over 7 years of experience in building web applications, with technologies such as .NET, Go, TypeScript/JavaScript with React/Astro/HTMX. I have expertise in designing and developing scalable architectures, mostly on Microsoft's Azure platform.

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I advocate for modular monoliths with vertical slicing, Domain Driven Design, true CI/CD with Trunk Based Development and feature flags, fitness functions, procedural code and compartmentalizing volatile parts of our applications, rather than dogmatically de-couple by functionality/requirement.

I'm passionate about researching adaptable software architectures, enabling applications to gracefully evolve. I came to realize that in the ever-changing landscape of business needs and technological advancements, having an adaptable architecture is crucial, providing the advantage of keeping the tempo of development rapid, without accumulating considerable technical debt.

While I love geeking out over architectures, I like to think that I'm also pragmatic, always keeping in mind that my goal as a software developer is to deliver a working product, not the blueprint of it.

  • Full Stack Developer
    Apr 2021 - Nov 2023
    As a full stack developer, I was working on a React front-, and an ASP.NET Core Web API backend for a B2B application, as well as taking care of the project's DevOps duties and infrastructure on Azure.
  • Full Stack Developer
    Sep 2018 - Apr 2021
    I've worked on diverse projects, from small-scale serverless apps running on Azure Functions, to enterprise monolith solutions. My main responsibilities were around .NET backends.
  • .NET Developer / Junior .NET Developer
    Atos Consulting
    May 2016 - Sep 2018
    I was working on various, brown-field backends developed in the .NET ecosystem (with strong emphasis on SQL).
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Public Projects

  • Koople is a feature-management tool, offering an easy way to use feature flags and remote configurations. This is a redesign of the dashboard of the app, written in NextJS with ShadCN UI, deployed to Vercel.

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  • An ASP.NET Core project using Domain Driven Design, with a SvelteKit frontend, where materials and their allergen classifications can be managed.

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  • A small CRUD app to fetch/rate/manage quotes. I wanted to play around with HTMX to get a sense for an alternative way of building web apps.

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  • This Website

    This exact website - the tech powering my site and blog change frequently, as I use them as playgrounds to check out different frameworks and libraries. The current iteration for the blog is Astro, and this website is running on NextJS, with TypeScript and React, using TailwindCSS for styling.

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